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When creating a new ticket using the mail eater the ticket is created but any group defaults are not populated.


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When using the mail eater rule that includes a predetermined value for a group and category, the ticket is created by an end user but the group is not assigned.  If it is created by an analyst it is created properly.

The stdlog shows the following error for the end user:

spelsrvr 19212 ERROR text_api.spl 2372 fetch_dob_list last_name (GROUP_NAME) in factory (grp) not found


Release: SDMU0M99000-14.1-Service Desk Manager-Full License


By default the employee role does not has the required permission to set an assignee (group or analyst) and therefore it will fail if it is attempted.


Add additional permissions to the 'Employee' access type.

1. Log in Service Desk as an administrator

2. Go to the administration tab-> Security and role management->Access Type

3. Go to the Roles tab and Edit the 'Employee' access type by set 'Administrator' to the 'Command Line Utility Role'.

The idea to set the "Administrator" role for the Command Line Utility Role is to provide more privileges (associated to the role) so the ticket can be created. You could also select another role but the role needs to have privileges to create tickets as the maileater needs to do. To do this, you can choose another role that has the function access to create/assign role and set to "Command Line Utility Role" and then test behavior.

4. Save the changes and test again.