iDash Not Functioning with SLAs and Job List After Upgrade
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iDash Not Functioning with SLAs and Job List After Upgrade


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iDash Workload Automation


After upgrading iDash to the latest version, we are unable to see our jobs in the Job List and no SLA information appears on the Dashboard (including future SLAs). Even though the upgrade was successful, we saw an error message about not being able to connect to the database but we can validate the database connection via the Admin Tool.  


CA Workload Automation iDash r12.0.04+ on Windows 


The following information was displayed during the upgrade:

-- iDash Environment Variables --
JAVA_HOME: D:\Program Files\CA\idash\jre
IDASH_HOME: D:\Program Files\CA\idash
JAVA_OPTS: -Didash.home=C:\Program Files\CA\idash -Xms2000m -Xmx8000m -Didash.eem.version=12.x
System Memory: 17179332608
IP Address:
Port Number: 8080
Server Type & Version: Apache Tomcat - 8.X
Webapps location: D:\Program Files\CA\idash\tomcat8\webapps
Service name: iDash

-- iDash Installer Database Actions --
DB Display Update Warning Message: Index Update Warning Displayed.Migrating sla files failed
Cannot run program "D:\Program": CreateProcess error=193, %1 is not a valid Win32 application
Please refer to documentation

The installer was unable to validate the database connection because there was a space in the %IDASH_HOME% environment variable. Since the installer could not connect to the database, the iDash DB upgrade failed 


Manually upgrade the database by executing the update_manual.sql script, located in the %IDASH_HOME%\install\mssql directory. Once the upgrade is complete, update the IDASH_HOME environment variable so that is uses a windows 8.3 format (D:\Progra~1\CA\idash).