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Clarity PPM: Transactions are not appearing in the Invalid Transactions page


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Timesheet transactions are not appearing as financial transactions in the Administration > Invalid Transactions page



All Clarity versions.


There could be several reasons why the transactions do not appear on the Invalid Transactions page.

1. The transactions did not fulfill the financial properties to have been processed by the Post Timesheets job. 

2. The transactions were inadvertently or intentionally deleted Invalid Transaction list

3. The timesheet related to the missing transactions was adjusted.


Solution 1: Check to see that the following financial properties are fulfilled:

  • Timesheet must be in POSTED status
  • Resource track mode = PPM
  • Resource is financially active
  • Project is approved
  • Project financial status is open


If you find that the financial status (either resource or investment) was not active, and then you activate it, you must then run the Post Timesheets job again.

    Even though the timesheet was previously posted, the job will check to see if any time entries now are associated to financially active records,  those will then be exported to Invalid Transactions and then ready to through Post        Transactions to Financials and Post to WIP.

Solution 2: If the transactions did appear in the Invalid Transactions page, but have been deleted, they cannot be restored.


In order to have it reprocessed, it would need to be adjusted based on how they were entered, i.e. via timesheets, XOG, manual transaction entries.


If the above has been verified, options to fix the issue include

a. Entering manual transactions for each missing transaction

b. XOG in the missing transactions.

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