XCOM for AIX patch install FatalInstallException
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XCOM for AIX patch install FatalInstallException


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After applying a patch to XCOM for AIX 11.6, the patch is not installed and the end of the xcompatchinstaller.log shows:

Custom Action:            com.ca.xcom.installer.common.SETERROR

                          Status: FATAL ERROR

                          Additional Notes: FATAL ERROR -     class com.ca.xcom.installer.common.SETERROR FatalInstallException: An error occurred while copying one or more of the XCOM Data Transport system files.


Component: XCOM Data Transport for AIX


One of the files was locked by the operating system and because of this, the patch installer failed to copy the new binaries. This error can occur on AIX, as the OS tries to load the shared objects into memory and locks them to optimize the performance of applications.


Product Error Alert RI83119 MAINTENANCE INSTALLER FAILS WHILE COPYING FILES documents the procedure to circumvent this problem. As explained in this PEA, issue the command "slibclean" and run the patch installer again.

Additional Information

In you still have the problem, please send open a case with Broadcom Support and upload the log files "xcompatchinstaller.log" and "*Maintenance*install*.log" from directory $XCOM_HOME/UninstallPatch/Logs. This file will give us the name of the file which is locked by the OS causing the problem.