Turning on Debug Mode with CA OM Web Viewer 12.1
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Turning on Debug Mode with CA OM Web Viewer 12.1


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CA Support may request that DEBUG mode be turned on for Web Viewer in the OmCCITrace.cfg , OmWVTrace.cfg and/orOmJDrasTrace.cfg files .  Here are the instructions.


Release: OUTWBV01300-12.1-Output Management-Web Viewer for AIX


Setting Web Viewer Logs to DEBUG level 
For Tomcat users, the location is <CAOMWV12_HOME>/config
For Websphere users  (Release 8.x): Servers->WebSphere Application servers-><server name>->Java and Process Management->Process Definition->Environment Entries 

The files to be changed are 
NOTE: CA Support may tell you if only certain files are needed for a particular problem

For each file, In the first section (at or next to line 10 in the file), change the ERROR setting to DEBUG 
At the bottom of the file, normally the last uncommented line starting with “log4j.logger.com.ca.erm…”, change the ERROR setting to DEBUG. 

These changes will be picked up dynamically within 5 minutes by the Web Server, so recycling is not necessary. As the problem is occurring, DEBUG entries should be seen in the following related files in the /logs directory, also located where the CAOMWV12_HOME environment variable is pointing. 

These logs may also be dated as 
<trace file>.log.<yyyy-mm-dd> 
Example – wvtrace.log.2016-07-12 
and there may also be new output in the rolling appender logs at the same location 
Example – wvtraceroll.log.2016-07-12 

Please send all logs relevant to the date (also providing the time if possible). 

In addition please send the WebSphere Servant Log or Tomcat logs and any DRAS task outputs that were running at the time of the problem.

The DEBUG settings in the configuration files will (can) generate a lot of output, so they should be changed back to ERROR once the documentation is secured.