Trailing u or d after an ObjectID in the URL
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Trailing u or d after an ObjectID in the URL


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What is the significance of a trailing u or d after the project's object ID in the URL?


The trailing letter indicates the scoping.

  • A trailing d indicates the page is scoping down to child projects
  • A trailing u indicates the page is scoping up to parent projects
  • A trailing ud indicates both up and down

The object ID in the URLs references the currently scoped project.

For illustration purposes, to check the ObjectID in the URL  against the ObjectID of the current project we start by installing a custom app that displays ObjectIDs of current workspace, current project, and current user. You may follow along in this article without installing this app in your workspace, but if you choose to install it, see KnowledgeBase article "How to Find the OID (Object ID) of Projects and Workspaces"