Migrating Endevor Native Security to ESI by groups of users
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Migrating Endevor Native Security to ESI by groups of users


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Currenly Native Security is in place and migrating to ESI is in process.  Can the migration to ESI gradually be completed by user groups (like defined in the current native security table). 
Is there a solution to allows these user groups sharing the same Endevor Inventory during the migration process? 


Release:18.0 18.1 
Component: CA Endevor Software Change Manager 


Endevor Native security has been withdrawn from version 18.0 - A migration to Endevor External Security Interface must be anticipated before the upgrade in order to not leave Endevor without security during the conversion.Implementing ESI is the only solution to secure the Endevor inventory.

It is possible to migrate Endevor security to ESI gradually by user groups.To do that, we recommend that you use ENUXSITE, the multiple C1DEFLTS table exit. 
ENUXSITE is an exit, called at CA Endevor SCM initialization that allows your site to identify the name of an alternate Defaults Table (C1DEFLTS) based on a user ID or other criteria.