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CA Intertest for CICS S0C1 trying to run the IN25UTIL utility program with the REPORT parameter to list the programs in the PROTSYM file?


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When a client executes the CA Intertest for CICS IN25UTIL utility with the REPORT parameter they receive a S0C1 abend and message UTIL057 SYMBOLIC FILE IS EMPTY - PLEASE RUN INITIALIZATION AS FIRST STEP. The message is misleading since the client is able to update the PROTSYM file with new programs and debug programs. The client recently upgraded to CA Intertest for CICS r 9.1 from r 8.5 and is using the r 8.5 PROTSYM file. 




The PROTSYM file is corrupt.


You can first try to recover the contents of the PROTSYM file by doing a CA Intertest for CICS reorganization using the IN25UTIL program. An IN25UTIL reorganization of the file consists of three steps. STEP1 is an IN25UTIL UNLOAD=ALL. STEP2 is an IDCAMS delete and redefine of the PROTSYM file. STEP3 is an IN25UTIL INITIALIZE followed by a RELOAD=ALL of the programs unloaded in STEP1.

In this case STEP1 the IN25UTIL UNLOAD=ALL abended when the client used the r 9.1 load library. But the client was able to UNLOAD all the programs using IN25UTIL program shipped with r 8.5. The client then issued the RELOAD=ALL pointing to the R 9.1 version of IN25UTIL. Using this method the client was able to salvage most of the programs in the PROTSYM file.

Please see the Testing and Fault Management Symbolic guide for Sample JCL to reorganization the PROTSYM file.