Unix/Linux cdm probe reports different percentage of the disk for system use
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Unix/Linux cdm probe reports different percentage of the disk for system use


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Different Disk space in use between Linux hosts and cdm probe.

The probe is reporting a higher value and therefore reporting incorrect usage stats and percentage.


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UIM 8.xcdm 5.xLinux 5.x, 6.x, 7.x


Unix systems report disk available to users instead of disk available to system/root user because typically unix systems reserve a percentage of the disk for system use.

The cdm probe has a raw config option "use_systemspace" which by default is set to no.
The default means the system space will not be included in Free Disk space shown by the probe.

This may cause the information displayed by CDM probe to differ from that displayed by the 'df -h' command. This can be overridden by using key 'use_systemspace=yes' in the disk section of the config file. This flag does not have any effect on Windows systems.


If customer is facing this issue than there is a possibility that “use_systemspace” is NO in user environment. Please check key “use_systemspace” in cdm probe CFG at customer environment and also request customer for the Disk usage information with "use_systemspace = YES"


The key is only works at the Disk level for non-custom disks


interval = 15 min
samples = 4
use_systemspace = yes
ignore_filesystem =
ignore_device =
qos_disk_total_byte_rate = no
filesystem_type_regex = /tmpfs/


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