Organization information is not synchronized between servers


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CA Rapid App Security CA Advanced Authentication


We have setup 3 StrongAuth servers pointing to the same database. However we found that we we change one server's of the Organization information (e.g. LDAP IP address), it is not reflected in other servers. 

Would like to confirm if this is the expected behavior or we need to update the organization information under each StrongAuth server individually.


Release: ARCWFT05900-8-Arcot-WebFort-for Windows


Follow these steps to resolve synchronization problem:

1. Login as masteradmin or global administrator in admin console.

2. Click on 'Services and Server Configurations' tab.

3. Click on  'CA Advanced Authentication' option on the submenu of the tab.

4. Under the System Configuration section, click the link 'Refresh Cache' on left pane.

5. Select Refresh System Configuration and Organization Configuration to refresh the cache.

6. Click OK.