Actual task hours in story flowstate are incorrect
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Actual task hours in story flowstate are incorrect


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It was found that in some cases adding actual hours to tasks from 'Accepted' user stories changes the flow state of a user story card from 'Accepted' to 'Completed'. The revision history will show the flow state was changed from Accepted to Completed. However the Scheduled State is not changed and remains as Accepted. The Flow State mapping on the Team Board is correct and matches the Scheduled State. The behavior disrupts our stories' status after the fact. This also puts the stories in both the Completed flow state and Accepted scheduled state at the same time.


Component: ACSAAS


The fix for this issue is to have a Project Administrator enable 'Auto State Updates' in for the project at the bottom of the edit project screen.


If the check box is not present then this feature needs to be turned on for the Subscription Administrator in the edit subscription screen.