General iDash Report Questions
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General iDash Report Questions


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iDash Workload Automation


Q1: iDash users with Admin privileges are not able to delete reports created by other users. Is there a way to delete reports created by other users?

Q2: As a non-Admin user, how can I delete another user's report?

Q3:In our Non-Prod environment, when we create a report, the iDash report owner is coming as PRIVATE/PUBLIC. In our Prod environment, by default, it is created by individual.

Q4: Why can my EEM user ID see all the reports in iDash but the user 'idashAdm' cannot?


CA Workload Automation iDash: r12.0.01, r12.0.02, r12.0.03


A1: Reports created by users are private reports. Only the creator of the report can see and delete the report. In r12.0.01.02, only the creator of the report can delete the report. Starting with r12.0.02.00, any user with Admin privileges should be able to delete a user's report via the GUI or CLI.

A2: You cannot delete another user's report in r12.0.02.00. If you login to the GUI with your own user ID and try to delete a report, you will get an 'Unauthorized to delete report' error. The only reports you can delete are reports created by you and reports created by the 'idashAdm' user (because they are Public reports). Starting with r12.0.03.00, a non-Admin user can delete another user's reports.

A3: In r12.0.01.02, Private is the default report owner for non admin users. Starting with r12.0.02.00, there was an enhancement with reports. The idash-report policy in EEM sets the privileges for users, which is why the user owns the report instead of Public/Private.

A4: User 'idashAdm' can only create Public reports - this is why you can see the reports created by that user. An EEM user can see all reports created by all EEM users because they are apart of the same EEM Global Group.