Memory problem caused by QUIESCE command?
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Memory problem caused by QUIESCE command?


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager


A SQA memory problem occurred in productive environment and in order to solve it, an IPL was executed to free memory resources.
The customer suspected that the CA-Vantage STC (SAMS) caused this incident, due to high consumption of CP and Memory resources in the LPAR.
This event coincided with actions performed by operation area when they issued a QUIESCE command on the SAMS STC to put system in manual without affecting step job because the LPAR had saturation of ESQA STORAGE.
They observed a constant usage on CSA and SQA storage, but the symptom in ESQA storage of this LPAR is increased, the ESQA storage values are from 59M (at the time of QUIESCE) to 177M.

Can the QUIESCE command issued on STC SAMS lead to increased memory usage?


Component: VANT


The QUIESCE command affects Vantage and can lead to increased ESQA. Vantage has message automation service (we found in the log, the message automation is turned on), which is implemented like exit. In this case when Vantage is in QUIESCE status Vantage doesn’t reflect cross memory posts from another tasks and SRB's are accumulating in ESQA. So our recommendation is to not use QUIESCE command to Vantage as it can lead to unpredictable results.