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Seeing a blank APM Team Center welcome page after running an APM Oracle Database silent install.


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


  Customer is seeing a blank Team Center Welcome Page. A silent install has been recently completed.


All supported APM releases.


  If useExistingSchemaForOracle is not explicitly set, it will default to true which will cause the installer to try to recreate tables in the existing schema instead of upgrading them. In the default supplied SampleResponseFile.Introscope.txt file useExistingSchemaForOracle is explicitly set to false.

The customer had the value to true which was not upgrading the database which is required, and therefore saw a blank page. While upgrading an Oracle database, this value should be true so that a new schema is created. 


 1. Prior to the upgrade, do the following -- -- Prepare for upgrade.

2. Follow the steps in

-- Install APM in silent mode after making the needed response file settings as documented in -- When using the silent install process to upgrade just the Oracle APM Database what properties need to be set in the response file?

Key part: If using silent install on a new Oracle database, update the below property to true (default is false) in the responsefile.txt. 


Specifies whether you want to use an existing APM database schema on an Oracle database. Set this property to true if you want the Enterprise Manager to connect to an existing APM database. Set this property to false if you want to create new schema on a Oracle database. This property is not applicable if you are using PostgreSQL for the APM database schema.