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Spectrum AutoDiscovery not connecting end station models to Juniper device models


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CA Spectrum


After running an AutoDiscovery, end station models that should be connected to Juniper device models are not getting connected as expected. A check of the 802.1Q Vlan TpFdb Table on the Juniper device shows it does see the mac address of the end station device.


Release: a7n0c000000PBNr


Information is missing in the dot1dBridge table mib on the device.

Spectrum reads the dot1dBaseNumPorts attribute from the dot1dBridge table to determine if there are any ports bridging on the device. If the device returns a non-negative number, Spectrum will then query the dot1d and q-bridge forwarding tables. If the device does not return a value or if the value returned is a negative number, Spectrum will NOT query the dot1d and q-bridge forwarding tables. 

The dot1dBaseNumPorts attribute is defined as follows: 

dot1dBaseNumPorts OBJECT-TYPE 

SYNTAX INTEGER (-2147483648 .. 2147483647) 

ACCESS read-only 

STATUS mandatory 


"The number of ports controlled by this bridging entity." 

::= { dot1dBase 2 } 


Notice the STATUS is configured to "mandatory". This means if the device supports the mib, this attribute must be populated. What we found is this attribute is NOT populated which is causing Spectrum to not read the dot1d and q-bridge forwarding tables for these devices.


Spectrum is functioning as designed. This issue needs to be addressed with the vendor.