Question on defining MSF connections using CCI in CA OPS/MVS Event Management and Automation
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Question on defining MSF connections using CCI in CA OPS/MVS Event Management and Automation


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


I am attempting to convert my MSF connection from LU6.2 to CCI. I have CCI active and shows up as active in the 4.2 panel. When I attempt defining MSF connection under CCI, the local MSF connection shows up as failed. I am seeing it as failed where the local LU6.2 name was, but CCI is active.

Is this correct that all MSF connections to remote systems show active?

Sel   opt: A   Activate   R Restart   D Delete   H Help   I Inactivate S Status
                      System ===> *             Wait ===> 20
------------------------------------ Local System --------------------------------------------
        Local       Status         Applid    VTAM      Retry   Max     Current   VTAM
Sel  System    VTAM-CCI  VTAM    Password  Secs   Retry   Retry   Open Error
-----   ---------     --------- --    ---------   ---------    --------    ------     -------     -----------
         TEST       FAILED       TEST                      300      24      1            X'56'
                         ACTIVE          CCI




  • The 1st line of the Local connection lists the local MSF ID (system name).
  • The value of the OPS/MVS SYSID parameter dictates the name of the Local MSF ID, they must match.
  • The value of the MSFNONVTAMONLY parameter dictates whether an attempt is made by MSF to activate a local APPC connection.
  • You do not need a MSF definition for a Local CCI connection, but you do for a Local APPC connection.
  • You do need Remote MSF definition for both types of connections, and for CCI links the remote APPLID must match the CCI SYSID value for that remote system.

Additional Information

  • See the Help tutorial (Press the Function Key F1 on the Multi-System Facility display for more information in OPSVIEW 4.2.
  • Configure the Multi-System Facility (MSF)
  • CCI - Common Communications Interface (CCI) is a communications facility that CA OPS/MVS uses to let CA solutions communicate with one another.