Xceedium Browser doesn't route trough xsuite
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Xceedium Browser doesn't route trough xsuite


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CA Privileged Access Manager - Cloakware Password Authority (PA) CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


We are defining a web portal service using xceedium browser to use autologin. 

When we try to connect to the portal using the Xceedium Browser, we get a timeout. In a cmd of the host the PAM UI is running on using netstat we see that the browser is trying to connect directly to the portal's final IP (not accesible from user). 

When we use the native browser, it works fine, i.e. PAM is using the loopback ip:port in the Client's machine ( and then xsuite route it to final browser. 

The device is in the same PAM's subnet and is only accesible by connecting though PAM itself.

It seems xceedium browser doen't use "route through xsuite" checkbox.


Release: PAM


The Access list box that is defined in the service was empty. This has to be set when selecting the "Route through xsuite" checkbox.

This will allow all users connecting through PAM to the web portal. 

The Access List specifies additional sites which need access in order to render the Web Portal pages properly.

Each host that you want to allow access to should be included in the Access List field, one line per host. Exclude any hosts that pose security risks.
In addition, (a) all hosts for a particular domain may be permitted by entering an asterisk and the domain: *.example.com and/or (b) all hosts for all domains may be permitted by entering just an asterisk: * 



If "Route through xsuite" checkbox is checked then type "*" in the Access list box that is defined in the service and save.


Additional Information

You have to ensure also that PAM is resolving the domain and port is open. 

Go to Device>>Tools.


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