Unable to permanently move Access Points after a reboot of Wireless Lan Controller (WLC).


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CA Spectrum


A wireless Access Point is discovered and modeled under WLC Manager, and the Access Point is moved outside of the WLC Container to be co-located with the connected switch.  After the WLC has been rebooted, we see that the Access Point has been automatically moved back into the original location in the same container as the WLC.  The Access Points retain the same ip address so it is not a problem with DHCP.



Spectrum 10.2Spectrum 10.2.1


This is a known issue that will be scheduled to be fixed in Spectrum 10.3.

For Spectrum 10.2 you can request PTF_10.2.049

For Spectrum 10.2.1 you can request 10.02.01.PTF_10.2.123