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TSS LIS(acid#) DATA(ALL,PR) TA(*) Gives Mixed Display From All Nodes.


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Top Secret Top Secret - LDAP




- When executing a TSS LIST(xxxxxxxx) DATA(ALL,PR) TA(*), the returned sysout from remote nodes is mixed up.


- The same JOB with with a ROUTE XEQ for this LPAR is OK. 


z/OS, CPF feature is active




- That the way it is when there is a huge amount of data to be returned from different remote nodes. 




- The delivery of multi-node output is currently working as designed within the CPF feature.


- The design was to deliver buffers to the requester of data coming from any remote node as soon as it was available, which is why you can see buffers of data interspersed in the final output.


- CPF has always worked this way. The recommendation is to parse the output with a user written routine that will re-organize the output to make it sequential. 

Additional Information



- If you want to have more information about CA Top Secret Command Propagation Feature (CPF) go to link: