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Timesheets based on non regular time periods show blank on the new timesheet UI


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


Steps to Reproduce:

1. Go to classic UI and create a time period for a week with 3 days (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday).
    Ex create time period for Feb -24 -2017 to Feb - 27-2014
2. Make sure the newly created time period is open for time entry.
3. Go to the new UI and login as any user who has time_entry rights
4. From the 'Menu' icon select 'Timesheets'
5. Select newly created time period
6. If there are no tasks in the selected time period add few tasks
7. Enter time for the newly created tasks and submit.
8. Now logout form that user and login as admin/any other user who has rights to approve time sheet.
9. Go to Review and Approve Tab.
10. From the filters select All.
11. Click on a team member who submitted time entry.
12. A popup window will open with two tabs Timesheet and Notes.

Expected Results: Timesheet tab should show all the tasks with total number of hours entered for that time period.

Actual Results: The timesheet is blank and does not show the time entered.



CA PPM 15.1 and 15.2


This is caused by DE32441


This is fixed in PPM 15.1 Patch 6 and PPM 15.3. It is also targeted to be fixed in PPM 15.2 Patch 5.