In the New UX, Some Attributes Cannot Be Added To Projects
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In the New UX, Some Attributes Cannot Be Added To Projects


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Clarity PPM On Premise


In the New User Experience (UX), some attributes (examples include: Stage, Status, and Progress) cannot be added to Blueprints and thus are unable to be added to projects.

Steps to Reproduce:
  1. In the New UX, click on the Administration icon on the left hand side, then click 'Blueprints'
  2. Click on a custom Blueprint
  3. Click Edit
  4. View the values in the Fields section on the left hand side
Expected Results: All Attributes are available to be added to the Blueprint
Actual Results: Some attributes are missing and cannot be added to the Blueprint


This issue applies to the New User Experience in CA PPM 15.3 and newer releases.


Here are reasons fields can be missing from Blueprints:

1. Any attribute that has a API Attribute ID that is blank and read only. This can be checked by the following steps:

  • In the Classic UI, go to Administration->Studio->Objects->Project->Attributes
  • Click on the attribute
  • View the API Attribute ID
  • If it is blank and read only, then it is unable to be added

2. The following attribute data types:

  • Custom time-scaled value (TSV)
  • Attachment
  • URL
  • Virtual Attributes

Adding the API Attribute ID to these attribute not supported and these field types are not able to be added to Blueprints. This is referenced in the Blueprint documentation at: Edit Blueprint Details, Visuals, and Modules

3. See the Blueprint Project Fields section in Edit Blueprint Details, Visuals, and Modules for a list of named attributes that are not available to be included from the Project object.

  • NOTE: The list of attributes on the above page is NOT an all inclusive list
  • Some example of attributes referenced that can't be added to Blueprints: % Complete Calculation Method, Approved, Progress, Sponsored By, Stage, Status, Status Indicator and Goal.
  • Test: If the Attribute field "API Attribute ID" is not editable on an Out-of-the-Box Attribute, then it cannot be added to Blueprints.

4. In 15.3, custom attributes (outside the above exclusion of Custom time-scaled value (TSV), Attachments, and URL) cannot be added due to a defect fixed in 15.3 patch 1. See: KB000092718  - In the New UX, Unable to add Custom Attributes to Blueprints for more details. 

NOTE: Parameterized lookup attributes are not supported, so while this attribute may show as available on the Blueprint list, it won't show any values in the New UX. See KB000095938 for more details, including how to remove this attribute type from the blueprint list.

Additional Information

For detailed information on getting started with Blueprints, reference New User Experience: Configure Project Blueprints
Reference KB000092718 - In the New UX, Unable to add Custom Attributes to Blueprints for information due to a defect fixed in 15.3 patch 1 (and higher)         
Reference KB000092719 - How can I add a Custom Attribute to a Blueprint in the New UX?
Reference KB000093171 - What are the known New User Experience (UX) defects?
Reference KB000093166 - Where can I find New User Experience (UX) knowledge documents? 

For 15.8.1, some functionality changes were introduced which helped to introduce more attributes that were previously unavailable:

Review the section on "Custom Master Objects, Subobjects, and Custom Virtual Attributes are Available in Clarity"