Error when deleting Departments
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Error when deleting Departments


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


Unable to delete department codes when clicking on the following:

1. In PPM, go to Home->Menu
2. Under the Organization Menu, click on Departments
3. Check the check box for the Department to be deleted and click Delete

Expected Results: The Department is deleted
Actual Results: The Department is not deleted and an error message is generated "Some locations and departments could not be disassociated because they are assigned to resources, investments, or are referenced on a transaction." 


Component: PPMFNM


A Department can be deleted only when it is not associated to an Investment, Resource, Location, Chargeback Rule and not referenced in PPA_WIP.

However you can inactivate a department so it is not available to select when choosing a department.  Inactive ones will still show on investments where they are already associated.

    - To inactivate a department, go to

       - Home / Departments

       - Configure the List page to add the Active attribute.

       - Save and Return

Now you will be able to change the Active flag to no.

Note: In some cases transactions may be as a result of testing and customers may not really need those so in that scenario they can run "Purge Financial Tables" job to delete those transaction so then they can delete Location which was tied to those transactions.