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You create a form in Identity Portal (IDP) to allow administrators to search and add users to a group.

You create a Modify Group task in IM --> map it to a Task in IDP --> create a form with Profile and Membership --> in Membership tab, you configure as follow:

- Property name = Members

- Property Type = Relations

- Server Type = String

- Target Name = Membership-Tab-Users

- Target Object = User

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When an administrator opens the form to add members into a group, no existing users are listed. In Identity Manager User Console, the related Modify Group task displays existing members fine.


Existing members are retrieved from the "User ID" field in Membership tab of the Modify Group task in IM. If this field is not present, you will see the problem.


IDP R12.6.8


Ensure that "User ID" field is displayed under Membership tab of the Modify Group task in IM:

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If the field does not exist, modify the task, e.g "[Sigma] Modify Group", to include the field:

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