Improve CA XCOM Windows transfer performance
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Improve CA XCOM Windows transfer performance


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The transfer rate is based on SNA or TCP/IP and the underlying network. Adequate resources are essential for good performance.​


XCOM r11.6 for Windows Family


Here are a few suggestions that may help in improving performance:

  • Most important - enable record packing.  carriage_flag=xpack 
  • transfer big blocks of data
  • for SNA- tune the response unit (RUSIZE) and pacing count
  • disable tracing
  • disable checkpointing (ckpt=0) or raise the checkpoint interval to the maximum
  • If you use compression, t​​​est different compression methods to see what works best with your data.  In many cases, compression is not needed or even recommended.
  • Raise the STAT_FREQUENCY parameter in xcom.glb
  • Raise the Maximum Clients Value if appropriate.
  • Configure the file to send simultaneous transfers.  If you do not set a value here, transfers will go one by one.

Additional Information

See How to provide Performance Tuning in our online documentation