NetVoyant Master Console displays an error instead of a graph while the poller can display the data.


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CA NetVoyant (NetQoS / NV)


After following the proper steps to change the IP address of a NetVoyant poller (TEC1045834), you are no longer able to view data from that poller on the Master Console web page.  On the poller, you are able to view the data without problems.  On the Master Console page, you see the following error message under each view:

Error: The response received from the server was complete but indicated a protocol-level error. The request failed with HTTP status 400: Bad Request.

All ports are still open between the Master Console and the poller, yet this protocol-level error persists.




This protocol-level error returning a 400 Bad Request message can be caused by lacking the correct site binding for the Default Website.  If all http bindings have a Hostname or IP address specified, the instructions to for changing the IP address do not cover this customization.  You would need to be sure that the bindings cover the new IP configuration.


Component: NQNVYT


  1. Open IIS Manager
  2. Click on the server, then Sites, and right click on the Default Web Site
  3. Select Edit Bindings
  4. Confirm that for the http binding type that you either have:
    1. a blank hostname with All Unassigned ip addresses, or
    2. the new IP address listed as the hostname
  5. restart the Default Web Site

Additional Information

The steps to change migrate NetVoyant to new servers can be found here:

This tectip describes how to change the IP address of a poller.