How to turn on Datacom Server ODBC traces in Windows
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How to turn on Datacom Server ODBC traces in Windows


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How can traces be turned on for the the Datacom Server ODBC driver under Windows?


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To turn on ODBC traces in Datacom Server under windows start the windows ODBC Data Sources application  (called ODBC Administrator prior to Windows 10).

Type ODBC in the Windows search box and select either the 64-bit or 32-bit application depending on where the ODBC data source is defined.

Click on the System DSN tab and then click on the Data Source name you want to change, then click on Configure.

Click on the Log Options tab

On the Log Options tab tick on the check boxes for traces you want to set. Select at least ODBC and WDBSQLE traces.

Optionally change the location where the trace file will be created. The default locations and filenames are:


Then click OK.


The traces are now set.

To turn off tracing go through the steps again and clear the check boxes for the traces in the Log Options tab. 


Additional Information

See the Datacom Tools documentation section Configure Your ODBC Client