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CAB Console bypassing Change Order Status Transitions


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CAB Console bypassing Change Order Status Transitions

Using CAB console we can set Approved the Status of a change order, but noticed that this can be done regardless the current Status value and not taking into account the valid Status Transitions.

Let see an example :

In following image, the dropdown list display the new valid Status value taking into account the current one and the valid Status Transitions registered in the system. 

In the following change order detail form, you can see that the Approved status value is not displayed in the dropdown list and then you can not Approve this Change Order as per its current status.

But going to the Cab Console you can Approve the Change Order (Status for the Change Order is set to Approved).


<Please see attached file for image>



<Please see attached file for image>





The CAB Console Approve button behavior is affected by the option in Option Manager called Status_Policy_Violation.

By default , it is installed with value Warn.

Specifies how strictly the system enforces Status policies BUT ONLY applies to automated system processes, such as integrations and macros. The end user is unaffected by this option.
Valid option values are:

  • Warn  --  Allows the status policy violation to proceed, but a warning message is written to the log.
  • Allow  --  Allows the status policy violation to proceed, but no warning message is written to the log.
  • Reject --  Rejects the status policy violation and an error message appears.


Release: SDMU0M99000-14.1-Service Desk Manager-Full License



If you want to avoid CAB Console bypassing Change Order Status Transitions, install option Status_Policy_Violation with value Reject.

Only when this option in option manager is installed with value Reject, then, CAB Console can not bypass Change Order Status Transitions to approve a Change Order.



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