Autosys iDash Job Run Report Results Before/After Deletion
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Autosys iDash Job Run Report Results Before/After Deletion


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iDash Workload Automation


We ran a job run report for the past 7 days on jobs named TEST_DEV*DELETE_JOB. There were two jobs that matched the pattern: TEST_DEV_01_DELETE_JOB and TEST_DEV_02_DELETE_JOB. The first report we ran showed job runs for both jobs. We deleted job TEST_DEV_02_DELETE_JOB and reran the report. Now, we only see job run history for the existing job and no data for the job that was deleted. Is this the correct behavior?



Release: WKLAID99000-12.0-Workload Automation-iDash


This is the expected behavior.

If you delete any jobs from Autosys, the is_active flag in the ujo_job table is set to 0 (which turns it off). Once the job is inactive, all of its job history is no longer available to iDash. The data still remains in the AEDB until DBMaint runs and purges the data.