url_response maximum number of profiles per robot
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url_response maximum number of profiles per robot


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


How many URLs can we configure in the url_response probe on a single robot?  Is there a limit to the number of profiles which can be configured?


Release: All
Component: UIMURL




By default, the probe is configured to limit the number of concurrent profiles to 100.

That is, more profiles can be defined, but the probe checks for the profiles sequentially; it will check the first 100, then the next 100, then the next 100, and so on.

This may potentially lead to profiles not being executed at the scheduled time. The probe raises an alarm in this situation.

You can modify this limit by editing the max_threads setting in the configuration file.

Important! You must check the resource usage of the probe when updating the max_threads setting in the configuration file. This avoids running into machine-dependent limitations for memory, threads, or connections. The probe initially allocates min_threads threads for profile execution. If there are more profiles defined, the probe may gradually increase the number of threads.

Profiles that are not immediately allocated a thread are rescheduled 20 seconds later.

e.g. - if you have 100 profiles executing every 30 seconds, and you add another profile, the 101st profile and those after it will run after 50 seconds (30 + 20) to account for the maximum thread limit.


Additional Information

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