Clarity user name to User ID transformation in Jaspersoft
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Clarity user name to User ID transformation in Jaspersoft


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How does User Name in PPM get transformed into User ID in Jaspersoft?


Clarity 16.0.3 /Jaspersoft server 7.8 and support releases.


Here's a high level overview of how user_name, user_uid (referred to as User UID below) of cmn_sec_users and User ID of Jaspersoft are related, and managed: 

  • For each CA PPM PPM user, User UID will be computed based on User Name
  1. User UID will get generated only once and is not modified in entire Life cycle of an User. 
  2. User UID will only have Alpha-Numeric and _. Any special character in User Name other than Alpha-Number will be replaced by _. 
  3. In case of User Name change in PPM, User UID will remain same as original generated value. 
  4. In case of User UID conflicts, a unique User UID will be generated by appending timestamp. 
  • Jaspersoft User sync is based on User UUID. 
  1. For User Sync, CA PPM Integration with Jaspersoft is based on User UID (Rather than User Name). 
  2. This is to adhere to Jaspersoft rules. In Jaspersoft User ID (Equivalent to User Name in PPM) is not modifiable after creation. 

Additional Information

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