Shipment of Delete Package with DISP=SHR still requires exclusive of dataset


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After opening up O0000580 in the ENCOPTBL. This being uncommenting line "ENHOPT SHP_DISP_SHR=ON". The DISP=OLD is changed to DISP=SHR in the remote COPY and DELETE steps.  The problem is that we still get a contention when trying to do a copy/delete of an element.


This can be due to GRS or MIM not being set up and active on one of the 2 LPARS. 

It also can be due to PDSESHARING being set to NORMAL.  

 PDSESHARING can be found in the IGDSMSxx member in the SYS1.PARMLIB. 


Component: ENDBAS


Ensure that GRS or MIM is active on both LPARS. This will allow the dataset to be shared between the 2 LPARS. 

Change PDSSHARING from PDSESHARING(NORMAL)  to PDSESHARING(EXTENDED) on both LPARS.  This will allow enqs to be at the member level.