We are unable to start the SPC. SPC-OCP-10085: the connection was refused by the process daemon on <MLS>.


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CA Spectrum


After restarting the server, where we our SpectroSERVER is installed, we are now unable to start the Spectrum Control Panel (SPC) and are receiving the following error:

SPC-OCP-10085: the connection was refused by the process daemon on <MLS>.  Either this host of the user running the Spectrum Control Panel does not have the .hostrc permission or the user is not a valid user on host <MLS> 


Generally, this problem is caused by improper host file usage, i.e. the <$SPECROOT>.hostrc file.  

This file must be properly populated to allow connections to the SpectroSERVER and OC servers.



This is applicable to all Spectrum environments.


1. Ensure that the <$SPECROOT>.hostrc file exists and has not been renamed to anything else or that a file extension has not been added.

2. Ensure that all the required hosts have been added as documented.  By default, the .hostrc file is initially installed with the local hostname, which restricts all remote access. Adding an individual hostname enables connections to and from that server. Enable unrestricted access to and from all remote servers by adding a "+" symbol.   An incorrectly spelled hostname will cause problems, so a good test is to see if removing individual host names and just adding a single "+" to the file, resolves this error.  For more information, see below:

Additional Information

Please reference the following documentation sections for more information on the .hostrc file.