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ODBC dataset is being requested.


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PanAudit Plus Easytrieve Report Generator PAN/SQL


Pan/SQL trying to find a ODBC dataset.

 Why is Easytrieve Plus or Pan/SQL trying to find a ODBC data source which is what the DSNAOINI DD is for? 


Mainframe Easytrieve 11.6, and PANSQL 2.4.


We found that it was Fault Analyzer that was trying to allocate the DSNAOINI dd. Easytrieve Plus got tagged because it was trying to do a SQL statement when the program ran out of time/abended and fault analyzer than got control and tried to allocate the file for use in the dump.

Additional Information

The DSNAOINI file is a DB2 ODBC initialization file. It is not an ODBC initialization file. It is DB2 specific. 

It is documented in the following: 


The sequence of modules I would expect to see when you are running an Easytrieve program, is first the Easytrieve modules, next if the program has any SQL commands Pan/SQL will be invoked, and then calls will be made to the database modules needed. What modules DB2 will use depends on the database instance being referenced and options defined to DB2. 

So whether the DSNAOINI is accessed depends on DB2, not Easytrieve nor PanSQL