Unknown Entity Alert from Nimsoft (UIM)
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Unknown Entity Alert from Nimsoft (UIM)


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


 Alarms which are coming from Nimsoft (UIM) are showing as Name: Unknown and Class: Entity in SOI console. Please see the below screenshot



Service Operations Insight

SOI 4.2


This happens if the CI name is not present in the Nimsoft (UIM) database and connector has no CI to publish to SOI.


- Gather 'Source Alert ID' (nimid in Nimsoft (UIM)) for this alert.

- As an example, I am considering for NIM ID as "BZ22306757-19698"

- Using this ID run following query against nimsoft (UIM) database

select * from CM_COMPUTER_SYSTEM where name in (select hostname from NAS_ALARMS where nimid like '%BZ22306757-19698%')

- If result returns blank as below screenshot then its a problem with Nimsoft (UIM) and as there is no CI name present in Nimsoft (UIM) db, connector has no CI to publish to SOI.

- The connector gathers CI information from CM_COMPUTER_SYSTEM table and publishes it to SOI and if CI is not populated to this table, then the connector can not publish CI to SOI and when this CI is alerted, alert is send to SOI but as we do not have a CI to attach this alert, it will be shown as Name: Unknown and Class: Entity

- This CI is published to CM_COMPUTER_SYSTEM table by discovery probe. You will need to check on the Nimsoft (UIM) side for this.

Additional Information

SOI - Service Operations Insight

UIM - Unified Infrastructure Management

CI - Configuration Item

db - database