When do SARINIT updates take effect?
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When do SARINIT updates take effect?


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When I run SARINIT to update the CA View initialization parameters, when do the options from that SARINIT job take effect? Immediately or when the CA View started task is recycled?




The answer to when a CA View SARINIT parameter change will take effect actually depends on what parameters you are changing.

Some changes require a recycle of the SARSTC to take effect. Some require that the users just logoff and then back on again. And some changes take effect immediately without any additional action.

To determine what action may need to be taken in order for a SARINIT parameter change to take effect please refer to the CA View Reference Guide where you can find a useful CHART that indicates the requirement for each of the parameters.

You can access the CA View Reference guide at our Docops.ca.com website. Using the included link that follows, scroll down a little bit and the CHART is listed under the section entitled "Activate and Modify" where we discuss the SARINIT Initialization Parameters.