DBG55166E TESTVER does not match within Sysview for Db2
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DBG55166E TESTVER does not match within Sysview for Db2


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SYSVIEW Performance Management Option for DB2 for z/OS


Received DBG55166E TESTVER DOES NOT MATCH trying to select the Db2 subsystem from the
Sysview Performance Management Option for Db2 for z/OS (IDB2) main panel.


The mismatch error DBG55166E normally denotes that the level of code is not the same between the IDB2 elements (PC task, DC task, IDUIPRMS, etc).
Make certain that the PC started task is at the same level of code as the DC. If you are currently running two different PC tasks from two different
releases such as r18 and r19, then make certain they have different PCSSID settings and that the IDDCPRMS and IDUIPRMS members point to their respective PCSSIDs.

You cannot mix releases of  IDB2. Everything has to be at the same code level- PC, DC, VTAM UI, INSIGHT clist, etc.
Also make sure that you are invoking the correct CLIST and you are pointing to the correct libraries.
For this case the wrong logon proc was being used.

Site found that the r19 PC and DC procs were over written by a PROCLIB backup causing the mismatch.