Notifications not being processed
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Notifications not being processed


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CA Identity Manager CA Identity Governance CA Identity Portal


Inbound synchronization is not working as expected.
Reviewing etanotify log we see an error similar to

20180305:110245:TID=4e3b70:I: START: Notify Batch Processing
20180305:110245:TID=4e3b70:I: Sending Notification: eTNotifyOpID=1b2j45-ab97-7895-8b7d-86br3rr7242b
20180305:110245:TID=4e3b70:I: Event: Modify_Global_User_Password (eTGlobalUserName=vapp-service)
20180305:110245:TID=4e3b70:I: SeqNo: 0000000001
20180305:110245:TID=4e3b70:I: Try sending payload to http://Host.Domain.Org/iam/im/ETACALLBACK/?env=IdentityEnv
20180305:110245:TID=4e3b70:E: ERROR: This method requires the presence of an attribute which was not provided. The attribute is name
20180305:110245:TID=4e3b70:E:+d uid.
20180305:110245:TID=4e3b70:E: Error in notification processing: Reason: Operation failed. ERROR: IMS was not able to consume the not
20180305:110245:TID=4e3b70:E:+ification successfully.
20180305:110245:TID=4e3b70:E: Originated from: EtaNotifyTools.cpp [1112].
20180305:110245:TID=4e3b70:I: DONE: Notifications Processed: 0/100+ [FAILED]


IM 14.x (vApp as well as manual deployment)
IM 12.6


The corporate directory configuration refers to 'uid' attribute as not required.
Once adjusted to required=true, the notifications will get processed


The error "ERROR: This method requires the presence of an attribute which was not provided. The attribute is named uid." should be resolved by ensuring the uid attribute in the User Directory is set with required=true.
One should follow these steps for adjusting the configuration. From the Management Console :
1. Export Corporate Directory XML
2. Update uid attribute with required=true
3. Import adjusted Corporate Directory XML
4. Restart IME.

With this change in place, etanotify.log should now reflect notifications properly being processed. (it re-reads info from the notification queue every 10 min by default, so one might have to wait for few minutes)

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