Modify the Temporary Password Message
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Modify the Temporary Password Message


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Is it possible to modify the message that presents the temporary password to users in self service?  Specifically, delete the "." at the end of the temporary password message when using the french language?


Component: IDMGR


Yes.  Browse to your application server folder and find the deployed iam_im.ear folder.  Under this folder is the custom/resourcebundles folder.  In this folder, find the IMSExceptions for your language.  In this case it is for the French language so find this file:  Open this file with a text editor.  You will find the following line in this file: 

Le mot de passe temporaire est {0}. 

Take the period off of the end of this line leaving the rest of the text.  Save this file and restart your application server.   

If you have multiple nodes you will need to do these steps for each node.