Agent is running but shows Inactive
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Agent is running but shows Inactive


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DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE - System Agent (dSeries)


The services are running for Agent, but it appears as Inactive in the Workload Automation DE Desktop Client Topology. An attempt to restart the agent did not resolve the issue. 

The following error was evident in the agent log file:
The conversation ##.###.##.###:51770->##.###.##.###:7520 is unable to receive the prefix. The exception is Read timed out


Component: INFAGT


A large number of spool files; in excess of 100,000, existed under the agent.


If the agent is not configured to clean up spool on success, you should do so by defining the following in the agentparm.txt file:
  • agent.spool.success.autocleanup=true
  • runnerplugin.spool.expire=10D
  • runnerplugin.spool.sleep=1D

In addition to the above, one should create a backup of the spool and database directories, then delete them. Once these directories are deleted, start the agent. This activity performs a cold start and the agent rebuilds its own database and re-creates the spool directory. The agent should now reflect as Active in the Workload Automation DE Topology and should once again be able to process work as expected.