"Generate URL" results in no data found
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"Generate URL" results in no data found


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA)


In attempting to "Generate URL" from a working view that was reached via a drill down, the new URL shows a view with no data.  Also, device or interface information is not included on the new page that is generated without data.  Views included on top level reports are able to generate the URL without problems.


NPC 6.2 build 103


In pages reached by a drill down, the device/interface information in not included in the token created for the URL.


The work around is to manually edit the URL to include the interface before sending it to the end user.


Get the URL from the report page showing the view you want to generate the URL for.

For example:



Generate the URL for the View.

This shows the section of the URL to be changed.



Insert the interface ID section from the report page URL like this:



Provide that modified URL to your end user.