CodeMeter privileges error while installing Agile Designer
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CodeMeter privileges error while installing Agile Designer


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


When trying to install Agile Designer, one of the prerequisites is not getting installed. I am receiving the following error message: 
CodeMeter Runtime Kit v6.30b Setup:
Service 'CodeMeter Runtime Server' (CodeMeter.exe) failed to start.
Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services



ARD 2.10+
CA Agile Requirements Designer
Wibu Systems



Based on the error message, you do not have sufficient privileges to install CodeMeter or start the system services.
This is an environment issue and not a product issue.
You will need to check the write and execute permissions for the user trying to install ARD.


CodeMeter is trying to install to C:\Program Files (x86)\ and create the new folder 'CodeMeter', which it currently does not have the ability to do with your existing access level.
Please reach out to your internal IT team so that you can be granted admin rights that allow you to install the CodeMeter prerequisite.  

If your administrator verifies you have the correct write and execute admin permissions to install CodeMeter, but you are still experiencing the error message, you can try this alternative download link-
Wibu Systems (the licensing company that created CodeMeter) has confirmed that you can download CodeMeter separately from the ARD installer.
Once you do this, please try running the ARD installation executable again.