New Data Repository installation shows error during validation of the connection properties for the database.


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When running the Data Repository validation script an error message is returned resulting in an inability for the installation to proceed.

The error states the following:


Validating connection to database host:

Verifying database connection properties................................[FAIL]


At that point of its run, the validation script is performing a check for a DB connection. This check is only performed when the validation script believes there is already a DR DB installed. Why would that be in what should be a new installation run for the first time?

There as a past attempt to install the software that was not completed successfully. The failed installation was partially removed with the /opt/vertica directory remaining. This caused the validation script to believe it is an update not a new install.


3.1 (applicable to all supported releases)


Remove the failed install fully, including deleting the /opt/vertica directory.

Once done the validate script should no longer throw an error message.

Additional Information

See the "Uninstall the Data Repository" section of the CA Performance Management documentation