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Unable to update a custom column added to the nr Object that refers to the Group object.


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When trying to load a xml file using GRLoader to update a CI with a grp SREL to a custom column, it fails with a warning message "WARNING: Unable to find unique grp.combo_name=(Group1)".



The steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create the XML file with the following lines to update an existing Configuration Item named "Server01".

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
  2. Run the GRLoader command to load the above XML file.

    e.g. Load Group_update.xml file to update a CI.
    Grloader -u servicedesk -p (password) -s http://localhost:8080 -i c:\data\Group_update.xml -a
  3. A warning message appears on the Command Line as well as the xxx.err.xml file.


CA Service Desk Manager 12.9, 14.1, 17.x


The required 'lookup' parameter for the SREL attribute is missing in the input  .xml file.


In order to update a field that refers to the group attribute using GRLoader, you need to specify the "lookup" parameter as in the example below. 

<zresolver_grp lookup="last_name">GroupA</zresolver_grp>