In the MSP New Driver, Graphical Indicators are not displayed for some Custom Fields in MSP
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In the MSP New Driver, Graphical Indicators are not displayed for some Custom Fields in MSP


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Graphical Indicators are not displayed for some custom fields in Microsoft Project (MSP) when opening a XML in MSP 

Steps to Reproduce (Using MSP Standalone):

1. Create a formula for a Custom Field:

  • Open MSP, and click on the Project tab 
  • Click on Custom Fields 
  • Select Number from the Field drop down 
  • Number1 should be highlighted by default under Field 
  • Click the Formula button and add a formula

In this example the formula used: 
IIf([% Complete]=100,0,DateDiff("d",[Baseline Finish],[Finish])) 

  • Click OK 

2. Create Graphical Indicators for the Custom Field: 

  • In Project->Custom Fields, with Number1 highlighted, click the ‘Graphical Indicators…’ button 
  • Create the following under Test for ‘Number1’: 
    • Row 1: 
      • Test for ‘Number1’ = equals 
      • Value(s) = 0 
      • Image = Green Check box 
    • Row 2: 
      • Test for ‘Number1’ = is less than 
      • Value(s) = 0 
      • Image = Green Square 
    • Row 3: 
      • Test for ‘Number1’ = is greater than 
      • Value(s) = 0 
      • Image = Red Square 
  • Click ‘OK’ twice 

3. Create one task with Start / Finish Dates and then baseline the project in MSP (Go to the Project tab, Click ‘Set Baseline’ then ‘Set Baseline’ again and click OK (This is needed for this particular formula) 

4. Add the ‘Number’ column to the view in MSP and view the graphical indicator displayed (In this example it’s a green check box) 

5. Save the project as an XML

6. Open the XML file in MSP 

7. Add the ‘Number’ column back to the view if not there already

Expected Results: The graphical indicator still shows for the field (Green Check box in this example) 
Actual Results: A value is instead shown (“0” in this example) 

Note: If you go to Project->Custom Fields-> and click the Graphical Indicators button for ‘Number’, you will see that the Graphical Indicators have been deleted. 


This issue applies to the MSP New Driver for 14.x and higher


This is due to a Microsoft Project limitation, reproducible in MSP Standalone.


This is working as currently expected as part of Microsoft Project's XML design. To request an enhancement to change this behavior in the MSP new driver, we encourage you to submit an idea from our Communities site.


1. Save the custom field to the Global.MPT after creating the Formula/Graphical Indicator (This is a one time step): 

  • Go to File->Organizer->Fields tab 
  • Click the ‘Number1’ field on the Right Column 
  • Click the ‘Copy’ button to move the  ‘Number1’ field over to the Global.MPT 

2. Then, when you open the project in MSP:

(This has to be done each time you open the project)

  • Go back to Project->Custom Fields
  • Click the Graphical Indicators button for ‘Number1’ and click ‘OK’ twice, then the graphical indicator appears

Additional Information

Reference TEC1987484 for steps on how to submit an idea