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The project financial status gets updated to NULL when saving a project from OWB if this is part of a secured subpage and the user does not have access to it


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


Steps to Reproduce:

1. Login as Admin
2. Click on Administration -> Object and open the Project Object.
3. Go to Views -> Project Properties -> Layout:Edit
4. Click on Financial Sub page and check the box for "Secure"
5. Create a project "Test Project". Home->Projects->New. Make sure the Scheduler Format of the project is Workbench.
6. Make sure the Financial Status of the project is "Open". Project->Properties->Financial Subpage.
7. Create a New Resource Resource 1 (Administration ->Resources ->New) and give the resource the attached instance and global level access rights.
8. Login as Resource 1.
9. Find project "Test Project"
10. On Project Properties Tab - click on Open in Scheduler -> Workbench Read Write
11. In Workbench - add a new task in the project and save.
12. Close Workbench.
13. Login to Clarity as Admin
14. Open the project Test Project
15. You can see the new Task created from OWB
16. Go to Project Properties -> Financial
17. Check the financial status of the project
Expected Result: Project's Financial Status should remain Open
Actual Result: Project's Financial Status changes to [select]


CA PPM14.3, 14.4, 15.1


This is caused by CLRT-81688 and is being analysed by Sustaining Engineering


Give Project - Subpage Financial (ID: finpropertiesUpdate.projectCreate) - View access right to the Resource 1 then the issue is resolved.