Unable to search for knowledge documents from Service Desk in Unified Self-Service
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Unable to search for knowledge documents from Service Desk in Unified Self-Service


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Knowledge documents are visible in Service Desk Manager but do not appear in Unified Self-Service (USS) for the same userid.


SDM 14.1, 17.0USS 14.1, 17.0


The applications use the email address to match between the users. If the email is different between Active Directory, EEM, Service Desk Manager and the Unified Self-Service Control Panel, then the match will fail, causing this issue to occur.

Similar errors to the one below should also be noted in the USS Liferay log:


ERROR [ServiceMgmtClientServiceDeskImpl:82] Query returned 0 contacts for email_address = '[email protected]'


Verify that email address is the same in USS and SDM.

1) Log into Service Desk Manager > Administration > Security and Role Management > Contacts > Search for the user > Verify the email address set and configure if necessary.

2) Log into Unified Self-Service with the same userid > Select the dropdown arrow in the top right corner > My Profile > Edit my Profile > Verify the email address set. If you need to configure the mail address in USS, then do the following:

 Log into the USS Control Panel as an administrator (example: CASMAdmin)

 http://USS hostname:8686/group/control_panel 

In the left hand pane navigate to Portal > Users and Organizations > Search for the User with the incorrect email address, modify accordingly and Save. 



Additional Information

After setting the correct email address, when searching for existing knowledge from SMD in USS, a dropdown may still appear stating: No Results Found.

<Please see attached file for image>

no results found.png


Select the Enter key and USS will run a search based on the keywords, after a couple of seconds results from CA Service Desk Manager should be displayed.


<Please see attached file for image>

uss results.png


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