Change hostname for portal address
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Change hostname for portal address


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The customer has a question about the hostnames for analytics, broker, enroll, SSO and sync.
Right now they are derived based on the configured portal subdomain which we set to <PORTAL_SUB_DOMAIN> both in test and production. Like sync.<PORTAL_SUB_DOMAIN>. 
Since this means the customer has the same address for both test and production, I wonder if it is possible to modify the hostnames? 
This would mean changing it to synctestportal.<PORTAL_SUB_DOMAIN>. 
The reason behind this is that the customer wants to bind all the DNS’s to IP-address of the portal instead of modifying the hosts-file for each server who needs to communicate with the portal. 
If it’s not possible to modify the DNS’s – can you please confirm that the hostnames analytics, broker, enroll, sso and sync is only used by the Gateway? In that case we can settle in modifying the hosts-file for the Gateway. 



Portal 4.2


it is not possbile, what you need to do is use 2 different subdomain value.  Also, analytics, broker, enroll, sso and syn are used by the tenant gateway.  you can add these to the /etc/hosts file on the Gateway if desired.