Change hostname of a UIM Hub
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Change hostname of a UIM Hub


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


This guide contains the steps to update/change the hostname of UIM Hub while keeping the IP address.


UIM 20.x.x


As a preliminary step, backup the nimsoft folder on the the systems where the changes will be done

1.   Stop the nimbus/nimsoft server controller at all Hubs servers that need the hostname change

2.   Make the nimbus robot watcher windows services to start manual

3.   Perform the hostname change on the windows system that hosts the hub.

4.   Reboot the renamed system.

5.   In the Hub, edit the robot.cfg and hub.cfg files and replace all the old hostname entries, from the old name to the new name

Eg: Nimsoft/robot/robot.cfg:

robotname = <newname>

domain =  <newname>_domain

hub = <newname>_hub

hubrobotname = <newname>


Eg: Nimsoft/hub/hub.cfg:

domain =  <newname>_domain

hubname = <newname>_hub

(6.  ONLY IF THE HUB to edit is also a Primary Hub,  OC Server or CABI Server THEN: on the wasp.cfg change all entries from the old name to the new name.)

(7.  ONLY IF Cabi is running on the hub, remove all the entries for the CABI on the wasp. If you do not remove the CABI entries, the wasp probe might not be able to start.)

8.   Deactivate the Nimsoft Service on all the hubs connected to the hub that is going to be updated, including the Primary hub

9.   Remove from each Hub and from the Nimsoft/hub folder, the hub.sds and robot.sds. Repeat this operation to all hubs in the domain. ( The deleted files will be populated automatically at restart)

10. On the Hubs where the hostname change was done, Make the Nimsoft robot watcher windows service to start back to "automatic". Then Start the Service. 

11. Activate the Nimsoft Services on all hubs modified. 

12. The new hub address will be populated in IM automatically but and the hub probe will show in error state (RED).

13. Validate all the probes that may appear in red. Right click on the probe > Security > Validate:

14. If the probe appears in RED state even after validating it, Deactivate the probe and Reactivate it. 

15. Review the queues in the primary hub and the on the hubs modified and verify that are connecting and processing data. If they fail, adjust the queue names in all involved hubs. 

16. reinstall the CABI if necessary