Uppercase, lowercase problem- mixed case translation under CICS


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After upgrading to CA Dataquery for Datacom 14.0, user getting issues with Lowercase/Uppercase translation...


UCTRAN was not set to NO


z/os, CA Dataquery for Datacom 14.0 under CICS


To enable case translation by CICS the following changes must be made: 

- On the TYPETERM definitions UCTRAN must be set to TRANID.

Specifying TYPETERM UCTRAN(TRANID) causes the TRANID to be translated to uppercase; other input is translated according to what is specified for PROFILE UCTRAN. 

- On the profile definition associated with SCF-based transactions (IDEAL, DD. DQRY) UCTRAN should be set to NO. This allows the terminal to run in mixed case mode. Transactions that require uppercase should be associated with a profile that has UCTRAN set to YES. CICS supplied transactions such as CEDA, CEMT, CECI, etc. are an example. IBM distributes the profile associated with those transactions with the parameter UCTRAN=NO. If uppercase translation is desired on those transactions, then the UCTRAN parameter should be changed to YES.