After upgrading Db the format of some RC/Query reports have changed
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After upgrading Db the format of some RC/Query reports have changed


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RC/Query for DB2 for z/OS


After upgrading Db2, the format of some reports in RC/Query for Db2 for z/OS (RCQ) has changed. These reports were previously customized
saved reports but after the upgrade they are no longer customized. This is affecting online reports as well as Batch Reporting.




A customized Saved Report in RC/Query is Db2 version specific. When the reports are saved in table PTI.PTRCQ_SAVED_RPTS, the Db2 version of the
subsystem is saved in column VERSION.

For example:

  • A report saved on a Db2 10 subsystem, will have VERSION = 10R1M0
  • A report saved on a Db2 11 subsystem, will have VERSION = 11R1M0

Therefore once a subsystem is upgraded then the saved report will no longer be applicable and will no longer be displayed in a customized format.


As of Database Management release r18 there was an enhancement to the Saved Reports functionality, that could help avoid or resolve these problems after an upgrade to Db2.

The Synchronize Save Report enhancement provides an option to upgrade saved reports from a previous version of Db2.

A user that has saved reports in RC/Query, can enter the REPORTS command on any RC/Query panel. Then on the RC/Q Customized Report Formats panel, the version
of each report will be displayed and the synchronize option can be used:

Synchronize Save Report Profile  ===> N  (Y/N)

This will upgrade saved reports created in a lower version to the higher version of Db2.
Please note the warning, if you intend to use 'Synchronize Save Report = Y', do not use line commands on the saved reports.